Today, I heard a crash in the kitchen.  I immediately ran in there to find my son standing next to a broken bowl.  Not just any bowl but my favorite blue bowl that I keep on the counter to hold fruit and snacks.  It is not one that can be easily replaced, and I’m not completely sure it can be replaced at all.  Nevertheless, I had a choice to make.  I could get angry and upset, or I could rescue my son.  I looked at his little face and saw fear in his eyes.  He was uncertain if I was mad and probably unsure if there would be punishment.  I walked over to him and first removed him from the situation and then checked for broken glass laying around.  I proceeded to pick up the broken pieces and lay them on the counter.  Fortunately, the pieces were large enough they could be glued back together.  Will the bowl still look the same?  No, it has a “scar” now.  Will it still have the same value?  Maybe not to someone else, but it does to me.  Can it still serve its purpose?  Yes, it still holds our fruit and snacks.

I think we would be hard pressed to find a person without at least one “life scar”.  I’m certain that each of us have been broken at some point in our lives.  I have been broken many times and bear several of life’s scars.  However, I have been put back together many times by the One who cherishes me.  Am I the same as I was before?  No, I am very different now.  Do I still have value?  Yes, to the One who paid the ultimate price for me, I am priceless.  Can I still fulfill my purpose in this life?  Yes, and some of the brokenness and scars have led me to that purpose.


I can remember many times in my life where I messed up and found myself in pieces.  Jesus stepped in and saw me in the mess I had made, but He didn’t yell at me or punish me.  Instead, He lovingly scooped me up from the shards of my sin.  He then carefully collected the pieces and lovingly put them back together.  He held me in His arms and with His nail scarred hands wiped away the tears.  I was then reassured of my value in His eyes as He guided me in the direction of my next assignment.  Sometimes my scars remind me of my mess, but at the same time they give me strength for my message.