Memory Box

My babies are graduating from kindergarten in a few days, and I can hardly believe it!  Where has the time gone?  I wanted to create something for each of them to keep and hopefully treasure when they get older (or at least maybe their wives will).  After a fun shopping trip to Hobby Lobby, these are my creations.

It was very easy and inexpensive.  I purchased storage boxes and fun school related stickers.  After decorating the boxes, I sifted through numerous school papers, art projects, certificates, awards, and other items I felt should be “keepers” and added them to the boxes.  I also reviewed the pictures we’ve taken for different milestones and events during this school year and created a small photo album for each of them.  I added a little book with a special note inside for each of them too.

In their graduation invitations to family, I asked everyone to hand write a letter to each of the boys.  I explained to everyone these letters would not be opened now, but instead put away in a “time capsule” for the boys to open when they graduate from high school.  I certainly hope everyone who joins us at this current graduation will be present at the next, but if they aren’t, the boys will each have a wonderful treasure from those who are missing.

Each of the boys already have a little heart shaped box containing a few of their birth items (footprints, hospital bracelets, preemie hats, etc.), and they love to get those out and go through them.  I have always kept a box of memories I enjoy reminiscing over from time to time, especially letters and cards from those I love.  The ones from my grandparents are especially dear to me, because I no longer have them here to talk to.

I hope when the boys are grown, they will treasure their memory boxes and letters from their family, while reliving fond memories of fun times and those they love.


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